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Costal Conservation Association

Camas WA

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This group meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 7 PM to 9 PM at Camas Meadows Golf Coarse. If you are a fisherman or want to save salmon from extinction, you need to join the CCA. The annual membership is 25.00 per year and a group of 100-150 people who meet once a month to get involved and change laws to save our stocks of fish. Did you know 30 cents of every dollar go to protecting salmon of our power bill?  If we eliminate commercial gillnetting from the Columbia River (which is the only river in the U.S. which still allows commercial gillnetting) we will lower our rates and save our fish from extinction. Visit the website or contact Kris Thomas at 360-600-3386 for more information.

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Website Title: CCA Pacific Northwest - Coastal Conservation Association of Washington & Oregon

Website Description: CCA Pacific Northwest - Coastal Conservation Association of Washington & Oregon

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