City Bark - Vancouver WA

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City Bark

2419 NE Andresen Rd
Vancouver WA 98661-7311

(360) 253-8461

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2419 NE Andresen Rd Vancouver WA

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  1. Angela P said on August 15, 2014 2:46 pm:

    In July I had City Bark deliver compost and rock, nearly $300 worth…I spread both, rushing to get done before my company arrived in 10 days. A week after spreading the compost mushrooms started coming up, I had never had mushrooms before, no big deal I just went out and pulled them. The next day it was even worse 50 0r 60 more, everyday I woke up to more, I couldn’t keep up with pulling them so I called City Bark to complain. I called for 6 days and ask the receptionist to have the manager call, he never did…Finally I called, he was there and I was finally able to talk to him, his name is Ben. He was rude right from the beginning, blaming my yard, saying it couldn’t happen to their compost. I ask if he could send someone out to look, Ben said, “we don’t do that”. I ask for my money back, he said, “we don’t do that”. I ask to talk to the owner, he said, “he doesn’t do that”. I said I will explain this in a review and complain to the BBB, Ben said, “I will sue you for slander, see you in court.” Click, I was hung up on…

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